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Arachnida Class Orders

Arachnids: Many Different Orders and Species

Arachnida Class Orders

- Order Amblypygi

- Order Araneae

- Order Astigmata

- Order Holothyrida

- Order Ixodida

- Order Mesostigmata

- Order Opilioaccharide

- Order Opiliones

- Order Palpigradi

- Order Prostigmata

- Order Pseudoscorpiones

- Order Ricinulei

- Order Sarcoptiformes

- Order Schizomida

- Order Scorpiones

- Order Solifugae

- Order Thrombidiformes

- Order Uropygi

Did you know?

Among arachnids, spiders and scorpions are the most dangerous to humans, as many species have extremely dangerous poisons. A simple bite of these arachnids can lead a person to death.

- Spiders are part of the Araneae order. Already the scorpions are part of the order Scorpiones. Ticks, which are also arachnids, are part of the order Ixodida.

- Among scorpions, one of the most poisonous species is the yellow scorpion (Tityus serrulatus), which is found in various regions of the Brazilian territory.