Menopause: period of interruption of menstruation

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Menopause is the phase of a woman's life characterized by interruption of menstruation and loss of reproductive capacity of the reproductive tract.

Knowing Menopause (information and characteristics)

Natural menopause is the result of a series of changes that occur in the ovaries and secretory glands of hormones that control the menstrual cycle. In almost all women, this decrease in estrogen production tends to occur around 45 and 50 years. However, there are factors that can induce early menopause, such as loss of ovarian function.


Menopause is sometimes uncomplicated, but in many cases it is accompanied by troublesome symptoms such as hot flushes, sweating, vaginal dryness, burning, pain during intercourse, and osteoporosis (bone decalcification associated with increased risk). fractures).

Such disorders occur due to hormonal deficiencies and imbalances, which can be properly controlled through hormone replacement.

As estrogen use after menopause is associated with a higher risk of uterine cancer, progesterone combination is recommended to reduce menopausal symptoms. However, only the doctor can indicate the best form of hormone replacement for each case.

It was once thought that depression and other emotional disorders were more common in women during menopause, but today it is known that this is questionable. However, it is also known that menopause is both a psychological and a physiological milestone in the aging process, and this idea can cause varying degrees of stress.

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